Microsoft To Show Off Xbox 360 RPG Line-Up In Tokyo Tomorrow

Microsoft may not be winning Japan over with its Xbox 360—it typically sells under 10,000 consoles a month in the region—but that doesn't mean it's going to stop trying. Tomorrow in Japan the company is holding a press conference to focus on its RPG line-up, presumably to show off future wares geared toward the market… »6/09/08 5:40pm6/09/08 5:40pm

Infinite Undiscovery Screens: English Text, Stern Faces

Note: Just be sure, before you read this, look at the screens then get all lippy, this isn't a Square Enix game. It's a Tri-Ace (Star Ocean) game. Got it? Great, let's move on. These 8 screens for the upcoming Infinite Undiscovery make it clear the game will be marked by two things: serious teenagers, and fantastic »6/04/08 8:20am6/04/08 8:20am