The Best Way to Get Around in Infamous 2 Started Out As a Bug

I'm in the middle of playing the new Infamous: Festival of Blood DLC, which gives series hero Cole McGrath all sorts of new powers by virtue of his getting in turned into a vampire. I talked a bit about the Shadow Swarm flying ability in my hands-on preview and when I was demoing the game, I mentioned that it… »10/26/11 11:40am10/26/11 11:40am

In Infamous' Festival of Blood, You'll Never Be Nice, But Might Be a Swarm of Bats

Once a game comes out, some game developers may go to tropical locations or re-acquaint themselves with families who they barely get to see during crunch time. Sucker Punch did something a little different during their summer vacation: They turned Cole McGrath-the electrically-powered hero of the development studio's… »10/17/11 12:40pm10/17/11 12:40pm

Infamous 2 is the Post-Katrina Video Game that America Deserves

The trend this year in video games, only about a decade late, is to let players repel an attack on New York City. See Crysis 2 this spring, Modern Warfare 3 this fall, and other games that put a virtual gun in their player's hands and some fantastic evil in their sights. The enemy isn't explicitly Al Qaeda, rather… »7/18/11 12:00pm7/18/11 12:00pm