The Great New Comic You Should Buy Tomorrow Is 'Pretty Deadly'

Time was, there were loads of rootin’, tootin’ cowboy comics on spinner racks everywhere. But none of those books were narrated by a dead bunny. That's only the tiniest piece of the macabre brilliance inside the first issue of Pretty Deadly, an acid-trip twisted fairy tale western which comes out tomorrow. »10/22/13 4:00pm10/22/13 4:00pm

The Biggest Walking Dead Story Ever Starts This Week

It’s become a bit of a cliché to say that living people—and not the shambling undead—are the most interesting thing about zombie fiction. And while that’s true in The Walking Dead, what makes the series stand apart is how it makes its characters and readers relive human history. Now, the latest issue of the hit… »10/10/13 11:30am10/10/13 11:30am

Sorry-Ass Spidey Villains, Fatale Attraction and a Privacy Apocalypse

Trouble's around every corner in the comics that Stephen Totilo and I talk about in this week's Panel Discussion video: Spider-Man villains who come up against Marvel's craziest vigilante, a woman whose impossible beauty is a curse and a future where normal people wear masks to protect their true selves. »8/15/13 10:00am8/15/13 10:00am

A Great Batman Run Ends and Why Image Comics Is Kicking Ass

You don’t work at Kotaku. But if you did, you’d see a constant comics-centric conversation going back and forth between our staffers. Recommendations and raves pop up in our instant-message chats all the time and we catch up on must-read series and creators over lunch. These chats are always fun so, lucky you, we… »8/02/13 4:00pm8/02/13 4:00pm

The Return of Campy Batman Is My Favorite Comics Panel This Week

Batman ’66 #1: It’s that most miserable of times in the mainline Batman continuity, the period after someone close to Batman dies. So, of course, Bruce Wayne’s busy alienating everyone who cares for or works with him. Who knows how long this bout of Dark Knight grumpiness will continue? That’s why it’s great that … »7/05/13 12:30pm7/05/13 12:30pm