An Immersive Look At Microsoft's Display-Extending IllumiRoom Tech

Earlier this year Microsoft gave us our first look at IllumiRoom, a new technology that uses a Kinect-enabled projector to extend the game-playing environment from the television screen into the living room. Today Microsoft Research has released a five-minute video that delves deeper into the technology that could… » 4/29/13 2:00pm 4/29/13 2:00pm

Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Concept Turns Your Entire Room into a Video…

Microsoft and Samsung apparently think that your TV—no matter how big it is—isn't big enough. That's the only possible explanation for the two companies' partnership on the IllumiRoom project, which projects images and colors across the space that you're playing video games in. » 1/09/13 3:30pm 1/09/13 3:30pm