Crysis 3 Transforms New York City in 2013

This morning EA and Crytek have officially unveiled Crysis 3, the third installment of the high-tech military shooter franchise and the second set in New York City's lush rainforests and teeming swamps. Wait, what?

The first Crysis took place on a tropical island. The second Crysis took place in New York City. The… » 4/16/12 8:30am 4/16/12 8:30am

Sega Replacing Broken Alien Facehuggers

Unable to adapt to harsh shipping conditions, many of the Alien Facehuggers included in the Hunter Edition of Aliens Vs. Predator had their tails snap off. Sega's bio-engineers are on the case. » 2/18/10 12:40pm 2/18/10 12:40pm