Report: Xbox Will Stop Charging You To Watch Netflix, Hulu

According to "multiple sources within Microsoft", Ars Technica is reporting that Microsoft is set to ditch its long-standing strategy of making users pay for Xbox Live Gold to access services like Netflix and Hulu Plus. Services users already pay for anyway. » 5/12/14 8:05pm 5/12/14 8:05pm

Here's What You Can Watch on the Xbox One In Between Games

Yesterday we showed you what you can entertain yourself with in between play sessions on the PS4. Now, it's the Xbox One's turn. » 11/08/13 5:59am 11/08/13 5:59am

Hulu Plus Coming Soon to Wii, Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo's just announced that the popular video streaming service will be hitting its best-selling home console and it latest handheld by the end of the year. The move puts Hulu's premium, subscriber offering on all three major home video consoles now, with the service having debuted on the PlayStation 3 last… » 10/21/11 8:44am 10/21/11 8:44am

Here's a Sneak-Peek of Hulu Plus on Xbox 360

Hulu Plus is coming to Xbox Live tomorrow, so we took a quick look to see if there were any mind-altering changes compared to similar apps like Netflix and the Zune store. » 4/28/11 6:20pm 4/28/11 6:20pm

Hulu Plus Will Be Free On Xbox 360 For A Week, Thanks To Beef Jerky

The Hulu Plus service launches on the Xbox 360 tomorrow, enabling people to stream episodes and clips of popular TV shows—or at least a subset of the ones that are available through your computer—through an Xbox 360 and onto a TV. Usually, this will cost you both the price of an Xbox Live Gold account and an $8/month… » 4/28/11 2:15pm 4/28/11 2:15pm

Hulu Plus Streaming to Xbox 360 Consoles This Week

While PS3 owners have had access to Hulu Plus since last year (well, up until this week, anyway), Xbox 360 users have been wait, waiting, waiting. When will that wait be over? Try Friday! » 4/27/11 5:30am 4/27/11 5:30am

Hulu Plus Comes To More PS3 Owners Next Week

The premium subscription-based version of streaming TV and movie service Hulu has been available only to PlayStation Plus members since its launch on the PS3 this summer. Next week, that will change. » 11/04/10 9:00pm 11/04/10 9:00pm

Netflix Going Disc-Less on PS3 This Fall

Netflix will, by the end of October, ditch the disc necessary to stream movies onto the PS3, CEO Reed Hastings said in the company's latest earnings call. » 7/21/10 10:30pm 7/21/10 10:30pm

This Tour Of The Hulu Plus PlayStation 3 App Is Brought To You By…

Join me as I take a brief look at the Hulu Plus app running on the PlayStation 3, developing a killer craving for bite-sized candy in the process. » 7/14/10 5:00pm 7/14/10 5:00pm

The Hulu Plus PlayStation Plus Preview Is Go

Starting today, select subscribers to Sony's premium PlayStation Plus service will have an opportunity to pay to preview Hulu Plus on the "first and only" console to feature the service in 2010. » 7/14/10 3:20pm 7/14/10 3:20pm

Hulu Plus For PS3 Doesn't Require PlayStation Plus After All

Streaming video service Hulu is coming to the PlayStation 3 this month in subscription form as Hulu Plus. And despite previous reports, you won't need a second subscription to Sony's PlayStation Plus service to enjoy it. » 7/06/10 9:00pm 7/06/10 9:00pm

Hulu Plus Requires PlayStation Plus Subscription

Sony has been coy on whether Hulu Plus would be available only to PlayStation Plus subscribers. There may be a reason for that. A $170 reason. » 6/30/10 12:00am 6/30/10 12:00am