Awesome Guy Re-Created the Star Wars Opening Crawl with HTML and CSS

Here's something completely awesome on a day that needs more awesome. Tim Pietrusky recreated the famous opening crawl of Star Wars from 1977 using HTML, CSS and JavaScript because he couldn't find a web version of it. Even better, the code is all up on and Pietrusky detailed his process on his website for… »9/17/13 2:37am9/17/13 2:37am

Developer Says Chinese Site Stole His Entire Game Engine

There have been reports of Chinese developers ripping off browser games or smartphone games. Nothing new! This, however, is slightly different. Developer Dominic Szablewski says the game engine he developed (and sells) is being copied and sold in China.

The engine Szablewski created is Impact—it's a JavaScript Game… »8/24/12 7:20am8/24/12 7:20am