HTC Vive: This Is Valve's Virtual Reality Headset

Just the other day we heard that Valve is getting ready to put out its SteamVR headset. HTC is making it, it's called the HTC Vive and it'll be out—for real—by the end of the year. Game on, Oculus. » 3/01/15 11:49am 3/01/15 11:49am

Five Best Android Phones: 2014 Edition

There's no shortage of great Android phones on the market if you're looking to switch, buy your first, or upgrade. Even so, there are certainly some phones that stand above others, either because they have great specs, include good software, get fast updates, or are just a joy to use. Here are five of them, based on… » 11/23/14 1:17pm 11/23/14 1:17pm

First Windows Phone 7 Devices Drop In November

The first wave of Windows Phone 7 devices kicks off with the November 8 release of the Samsung Focus in North America, with eight more Xbox Live-ready devices making it to market worldwide in time for the holidays. » 10/11/10 10:25am 10/11/10 10:25am

Apple Accuses HTC of Stealing Their iPhone Interface, Sues

The iPhone is such a great interface for phone calls, mobile office work and gaming that Apple claims that competitor HTC stole it when they made their own smart phone. » 3/02/10 9:38am 3/02/10 9:38am