An Epic Near-Death Heroes Of The Storm Win

The angelic ghost cow near the bottom of this screenshot is Heroes of the Storm’s E.T.C. He’s in ghost form because of a passive ability he can unlock, which automatically triggers an area-wide stun move called “Mosh Pit” on death. I’m guessing the E.T.C. player here is crying tears of joy for selecting this trait. » 6/24/15 10:12am 6/24/15 10:12am

Why Blizzard Ditched In-Game Items For Heroes Of The Storm

One major difference between Heroes of the Storm and its competitors Dota 2 and League of Legends is the game’s “talent system” that eschews individual character experience and items players can purchase from an in-game shop. Was Blizzard just trying to set itself apart by abandoning genre conventions? Not entirely. » 6/23/15 1:10pm 6/23/15 1:10pm

Sometimes, Every Single Person Dies In A Heroes Of The Storm Team Fight

The goal of team battles in a MOBA like Heroes of the Storm is to keep yourself (and your teammates) alive while simultaneously killing your opponents. That way, once you succeed you have a valuable time window where the enemy is sitting through a cooldown, just waiting to respawn. I mean: if you succeed. » 6/11/15 11:10am 6/11/15 11:10am