Haze Gets Bargain Binned

Well, that didn't take long. GameStop's weekly ad reveals that the games retailer is moving copies of Haze for the low price of $39.99, a $20 drop from the suggested retail price it launched with less than three weeks ago. That could be very telling of its retail performance if GameStop is already slashing prices on… » 6/06/08 7:40pm 6/06/08 7:40pm

Frankenreview, Haze (PS3)

A year ago you couldn't look at a list of PlayStation 3 killer apps without seeing Free Radical and Ubisoft's Haze right up there towards the top. Promising cutting edge visuals, a deep story, and the unique power of the nectar, a drug that gives soldiers superhuman abilities, Haze seemed destined to become one of the … » 5/21/08 6:20pm 5/21/08 6:20pm

Haze Demo Hits North American PlayStation Store Tomorrow

Europe is already knee deep in Haze demo enjoyment, but North Americans will get their fill of Ubisoft's first person shooter starting tomorrow. That is, provided that your fill of Haze is the game's first level and a sampling of drop-in, drop-out four-player co-op. It may have the most hyphens of any PS3 game to date. … » 5/07/08 8:40pm 5/07/08 8:40pm