Russian Booth Babes Defy All Cold War Jokes

OK, last time we did this, we annihilated a web site » 11/09/08 2:00pm 11/09/08 2:00pm. So this time, I'm hosting it as a gallery. Thank me later. But Russia just had Igromir 2008, which is its version of E3, more or less, and reader Innes noticed some fine photojournalism coming out of that. Now, if E3 is reconsidering its toned-down, library-quiet,…

Gaffer's Gears 2 Leak Pics Include Free (sur)prize

Tipster Matt sends us this - Gaffer dreammastah got his hands on Gears of War 2 and provides enough visual proof (if static) to convince us it's real. One gameplay screen, no box art, so commenters are wondering if this is a review copy, which is a good question. Also curious if the use of a notepad is a… » 10/11/08 2:40pm 10/11/08 2:40pm