My 12-Year-Old Convinced Me To Buy A Nintendo 2DS

I like to drop my extensive video games knowledge on my tween stepson anytime I can. For instance, I keep him informed on new games releases, explain to him how to determine if a game is worth renting or buying, and share with him my philosophy on why we shouldn’t buy consoles on release date. As a parent, it’s my… » 8/30/13 11:31am 8/30/13 11:31am

MyRacer - The Korean Flash Lite Handheld

Do what now? This must be the season for left-field consoles » 11/25/08 9:30pm 11/25/08 9:30pm to materialize. The MyRacer is an oddly named handheld games device from Korea. It comes with a 320x240 color screen, an MP3 player, subway map and the ability to play Adobe Flash Lite files. It ships with , , , , and . The 1GB of storage can hold up to 1000…

New iPod Touch Better Than iPhone for Games

The iPhone is being widely touted as the next big Gaming Thing » 11/24/08 3:20pm 11/24/08 3:20pm. It is definitely true that the JesusPhone™ is a capable gaming device but if tests performed by Handheld Games are correct, the new iPod Touch is a much better performer. The new iPod Touch 2G runs at 532MHz as opposed to the 412MHz of earlier models -…