Halo 3 ODST Writer: "Put That in Your Speculation Pipe and Smoke It!"

In a new interivew with GamePro, Halo 3: ODST writer and creative director Joseph Staten talks plot, gameplay and design choices for the upcoming Halo 3 expansion. » 1/20/09 9:40pm 1/20/09 9:40pm

Halo Recon Gets a New Name, But No New Info

Bungie, masters of titillation and chicken baiting, are at it again. This time letting their many fervent fans know that Halo 3: Recon is getting a new name, but spilling little else. As of today, they say, Halo 3: Recon will now be known as Halo 3: ODST. I suppose that's because Odie Estie rolls off the tongue much… » 11/25/08 3:00pm 11/25/08 3:00pm

Halo 3: Recon Has Sandbox Bits, Flashback Bits

That Halo 3: Recon issue of Game Informer » 11/17/08 10:20pm 11/17/08 10:20pm is out there. People are reading it, people are absorbing stuff about Halo3: Recon, people are posting that stuff on the internet. What we know so far is that the game has a hub-like structure; you play as a rookie ODST troop, tasked with tracking down some lost squadmates.…

Halo 3: Recon Is 3-5 Hours Long, "Not A $60 Title"

Someone's already got their hands on the Halo 3: Recon-themed December issue of Game Informer. Spilled the beans. Those beans tell us that, as you could probably have guessed when you first heard it spoken of as an "expansion" » 11/13/08 9:30am 11/13/08 9:30am, Halo 3: Recon is only 3-5 hours long. Which is pretty damn short. Luckily, then, it'll have…

Halo 3: Recon Exposed In New Game Informer

Halo » 11/12/08 8:30pm 11/12/08 8:30pm fanatics without the foresight of a Game Informer subscription will want to begin stalking the newsstands for the latest issue of the mag. It secures yet another highly coveted exclusive, with a 10 page preview of Bungie's next: . According to the teaser for the magazine's December issue that means "10 pages…

What Is Halo 3: Recon? Here's What It's *Not*

Confused about Halo 3: Recon » 10/10/08 3:30am 10/10/08 3:30am? Apparently some folks still are, so Bungie reps Luke Smith and Brian Jarrard wanted to get a few things out of the way, right off the bat, in our lovely afternoon Q&A session. is not a tactical squad based shooter. is not . is not . And there's a very, very good chance you'll never, …

Halo 3: Recon: Box Art

There's your man. New hero, new campaign and all that. Oh, and no, as you can see by the fact this is box art, this won't be made available as a downloadable pack. Click through for a bigger version. » 10/09/08 9:30pm 10/09/08 9:30pm

Halo 3: Recon, The Trailer

Here you go! The trailer to Bungie's Halo 3: Recon » 10/09/08 12:40am 10/09/08 12:40am, the singleplayer Halo 3 expansion/prequel. You're a UNSC Recon Marine. There are bad aliens around. It's raining. Enjoy.

Halo 3 Expansion Is A Prequel, Hits Fall 2009

Finally! Details! On a Bungie Halo title! Courtesy of Microsoft's TGS address » 10/08/08 11:55pm 10/08/08 11:55pm, the Halo 3 singleplayer expansion - - now has a name (), a setting and a rough release date. The expansion will serve as a prequel to the events of Halo 3, with the player taking the role of a UNSC recon soldier, who is our "new hero" for…