Gyromancer Micro-Review: Twisting The Night Away

The roleplaying game experts at Square Enix and puzzle game kings at PopCap give the puzzle RPG genre a Bejeweled Twist with Gyromancer. Is it as addictive as it sounds? » 12/09/09 2:30pm 12/09/09 2:30pm

Square Enix Already Rolling Out Paid Gyromancer DLC

In the grand tradition of My Life as a Dark Lord for WiiWare, Square Enix releases a batch of tiny paid downloadable content for two-day old puzzle RPG Gyromancer. » 11/20/09 4:40pm 11/20/09 4:40pm

Gyromancer, Diner Dash Spin To XBLA This Week

Square Enix brings Gyromancer to Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, a Puzzle Quest-like puzzle role-playing game that's built upon the gameplay backbone of PopCap's Bejeweled Twist. » 11/16/09 5:40pm 11/16/09 5:40pm

Gyromancer Takes Over Your Life This Month

Attention PC gamers and Xbox 360 owners - your free time dies in a week and a half. Gyromancer, the unholy union of Square Enix RPG, Pokémon, and Bejeweled Twist, now has a release date. » 11/06/09 4:20pm 11/06/09 4:20pm

Square Enix Creates Puzzle RPG With A Bejeweled Twist

What do you get when the puzzle game masters at PopCap team up with RPG kings Square Enix for a Puzzle-RPG for Xbox Live Arcade and Steam? Sounds like countless productive hours lost to me. » 9/24/09 2:00pm 9/24/09 2:00pm

Square Enix Has Gyromancer In Its Future

Fans of everything that Square Enix does should be on the look out for Gyromancer, a trademark recently filed by Square Enix for use in services such as "computer game software" and "video game software." » 7/29/09 5:00pm 7/29/09 5:00pm