Razer's Modular Desktop Makes Building a PC Like Playing with Lego

Building your own computer is generally reserved for the hardcore, the devoted, the geeky. But with Razer's Project Christine, it's as easy as playing with Legos. Really big, actively mineral cooled Legos. Also it looks like a badass rack of rockets or something, which is cool as shit. » 1/07/14 3:12pm 1/07/14 3:12pm

Holy Crap, Nvidia's New Tegra K1 Has 192 Cores?!

Nvidia's kicking off this year's CES madness with the Tegra K1, the first Nvidia chip with freaking 192 CUDA cores. Does that sound like a desktop thing, not mobile? It sort of is. According to Nvidia this bridges the gap between Kepler-based desktop cards and the mobile-based Tegra chips. Not just Tegra 5 but like… » 1/05/14 11:50pm 1/05/14 11:50pm

PS4 Teardown: Beautiful Outside, Tidy Inside

YouTube Trolls Turn This Into One of The Game Trailers of The Year

Indie outfit Big Men Games are currently working on a strategy RPG game called GUTS, which would otherwise be unremarkable if not for the fact one of the three men in the team - Chris Haga - used to work for Blizzard. On Diablo III. » 9/05/12 9:00am 9/05/12 9:00am

Put an Assault Rifle in Your PC with This Assassin Motherboard

You can go the route of modesty with a gaming rig—sure, but there's something to be said for the glowing, flowing, completely outrageous rig of conspicuous PC carnage. How about a motherboard that looks like a disassembled gun? » 5/20/11 3:40pm 5/20/11 3:40pm

Aliens VS. Predator Kill Moves Are A Tad Bit Graphic

Actually they aren't too bad, provided you turn the sound down a little and keep your hand away from the pause button. Pause is not your friend here. » 1/18/10 3:30pm 1/18/10 3:30pm