Gun Loco Was Apparently In Development For A Crazy Long Time

That is, according to a pair of LinkedIn profiles. The crazy shooter, which Square Enix suddenly killed this month, seems to have been in development since 2007 and not by Square Enix. But now, it's dead. [via Siliconera] » 3/29/11 5:20am 3/29/11 5:20am

Square Enix's Crazy Shooter Gun Loco Is Dead

Square Enix has shut the book on Gun Loco, halting development on the oddly-charming, urban vinyl-inspired multiplayer shooter completely. Rest in pieces, little vinyl guys. » 3/18/11 1:36pm 3/18/11 1:36pm

Gun Loco Hands-On: Just How Crazy Is It?

Well, it has a blow-up doll grenade. Is that loco enough for you, hombre? What if I told you that Gun Loco pits bizarre interstellar criminals based on vinyl figures against each other in mortal combat? And that Square Enix is responsible? » 9/18/10 9:30pm 9/18/10 9:30pm

Somehow, Gun Loco Is From The People Who Make Final Fantasy

When you think Square-Enix's Japan studios, do you think violent shooter with people wearing over-sized rabbit heads? Gun Loco, a 2011 disc-based Xbox 360 exclusive fits that bill. The game's website launches on Wednesday, so this might be a Gamescom thing. » 8/16/10 3:00pm 8/16/10 3:00pm