You Never Expect A Friggin' Gum Ad To Be This Emotional

Okay so, regardless of whether or not this Extra bubblegum commercial makes you tear up, you gotta admit, most gum ads don't try to hit the notes that this does. As far as I can tell, most gum goes for humor. » 9/06/13 9:30pm 9/06/13 9:30pm

This Chewing Gum Sounds More Disgusting Than It Is

Ask any certified snackologist, and they'll tell you: Yes, coffee has successfully been integrated into countless snacks and sweets. But this chewing gum isn't just coffee flavored. That would be old hat to a snackster like me. We've been there » 8/22/12 6:00am 8/22/12 6:00am. Oh no, this is coffee jelly flavored chewing gum. But does this desert…

Uwe Boll Vs. Stride Gum

The internet petition at is only up to 234,000 signatures, and by gum that's not fast enough for the makers of Stride. The Cadbury Adams brand of chewing gum is throwing their support behind the petition, offering a million packs of gum - one for each signer - if the petition hits the one million mark… » 5/07/08 11:20am 5/07/08 11:20am