MTV Calls Konami's Rock Band Lawsuit "Surprising", "Baseless Litigation"

Last night, word broke that Konami, publisher and developer of trailblazing rhythm games Guitar Freaks and Drummania, was suing Harmonix. The Japanese company claimed that the developer of Rock Band was in violation of three patents held by Konami, seeking damages (read: cash) and demanding that Harmonix and parent‚Ķ »7/11/08 7:40pm7/11/08 7:40pm

Konami Rocks Out New GuitarFreaks, New DrumMania

Before there was Guitar Hero, there was GuitarFreaks! Konami's rhythm game has been shredding up Japanese arcades since 1999 and is still going strong. Check out GuitarFreaks V5 Rock to Infinity, the latest cabinet (and 16th entry!) in the franchise. And after the jump? After the jump is Konami's drum title DrumMania‚Ķ »6/23/08 11:00pm6/23/08 11:00pm