GTA V as a Cheesy 70s Horror Movie

A black driverless car possessed by evil terrorizes San Andreas in YouTuber Gigerbrick's fan-trailer, based on the 1977 movie "The Car" and edited similarly to schlock horrors from that era. » 1/07/15 9:00am 1/07/15 9:00am

Flying Jetskis And Other New GTA V Myths

With the new gen versions of Grand Theft Auto V released and tons of new content added to the game, it was inevitable for the GTA Mythbusters series to return and confirm a bunch of new tricks and funny little exploits. » 12/18/14 9:00am 12/18/14 9:00am

The Dukes of Hazzard Meets GTA V

The members the GTA Online clan "The Aging Infidels" have a weird but awesome hobby in-game: remaking the opening scenes of old TV-shows where cars played an important role. So here's their GTA V version of The Dukes of Hazzard: » 9/18/14 9:40am 9/18/14 9:40am

The Sopranos' Opening, Remade In Grand Theft Auto V

Tony Soprano and his family might not live on the West Coast, but 8-bit Bastard's remake of the classic opening of the show in Grand Theft Auto V makes me want to load up the original again. » 7/10/14 9:20am 7/10/14 9:20am

Terminator 2's Truck Chase Scene, Remade in GTA V

It's a bit strange no one's thought to do so it, because the canal labyrinths of Los Santos are perfect for some Terminator 2 action. But here it is. YouTuber John Chapman and his friends made a pretty neat shot-for-shot remake of the movie's famous truck chase scene. » 6/05/14 9:20am 6/05/14 9:20am

If Grand Theft Auto V Were Made In The 80s

It would still be awesome! Here's an isometric, Commodore 64-style recreation of some Grand Theft Auto V action by the talented MajamiHiroz with some superb 8bit music added. » 5/26/14 4:30pm 5/26/14 4:30pm

Every Swear Counted in GTA V's NSFW Supercut

YouTuber TheMediocreScot spent 5 months to prove that GTA V drops the F-Bomb more times than anything else with a 12-minute-long NFSW montage. » 4/22/14 10:40am 4/22/14 10:40am

Metal Gear Solid V's 10-Minute-Long Trailer, Perfectly Remade in GTA V

Even though the Japanese creators of this GTA V remake did everything to make Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's trailer less epic, thanks to the pitch-perfect execution they've just achieved the opposite. » 4/16/14 8:00am 4/16/14 8:00am

Take the Bloody Shot with Skyfall Recreated in Grand Theft Auto

Over on the subreddit GTA Adventures there's a weekly challenge to film a recognizable scene from a movie. Up this week: the opening sequence from Skyfall. » 3/01/14 5:19pm 3/01/14 5:19pm

Intense Police Chase Shows Off How Cool GTA Online's Content Creator Is

While Grand Theft Auto Online's creator tools are still fresh out of the package, players like rechyyy—the YouTuber behind one of the best GTA V chase videos—are already filling up their custom maps with ramps, police vehicles and rockets. » 12/12/13 8:00pm 12/12/13 8:00pm

Glitch Lets You Return To GTA V's Otherwise Inaccessible Opening Area

North Yankton—the snowy opening to GTA V—was pretty much gone after the prologue, locking us out from ever returning. But fortunately for us and thanks to a video shared by CVG, there's a legit (albeit glitchy) way to return there. » 12/10/13 5:30pm 12/10/13 5:30pm

Nothing Stops The GTA V Train. Not Even 10 Dump Trucks.

What better way to demonstrate the brute power of GTA V's unstoppable train than to line up 10 of the largest dump trucks in a row and see what happens? » 12/09/13 4:00pm 12/09/13 4:00pm

No need for a mod to go Ghost Rider and do justice in Grand Theft Auto V. Just a few tricks here and there, and you are good to go—Los Santos just got a new spirit of vengeance. There's even a tutorial out there, and the only thing missing is Johnny Blaze's chain. » 11/25/13 8:30am 11/25/13 8:30am

Aaand nailed it. That's one unorthodox GTA V stunt move, but it works! XR33P3E11X has more of these in his excellent montage video. Now do a perfect drop from similar heights into a half pipe while riding a bike. That would look neat. » 11/06/13 8:30am 11/06/13 8:30am

This Is What Car Battles Look Like In GTA Online... In Mid-Air

I guess this is, like, jousting on helicopters? Chicken with helicopters and cars? Whatever this is, it's amazing. And it's all thanks to the crazy minds at Achievement Hunter. » 10/17/13 9:20am 10/17/13 9:20am

That was probably a bad idea. These silly GTA V mansions. Although there are several solutions for this, lifting it out with a cargo helicopter and not dropping it into the pool would be the funniest. » 10/17/13 8:30am 10/17/13 8:30am

GTA V Demolition Derbies Are Better On Skyscrapers

What's needed for a GTA Online skyscraper battle royale, like the one above, is only a few friends (and their cars), a cargo helicopter, and the biggest building in the game. » 10/16/13 7:15am 10/16/13 7:15am

This is what a timelapse day-night cycle of Los Santos looks like in GTA V. That is, if you climb Vinewood Hills, stand there for hours, and take pictures with the in-game phone—just as Plonkey on the GTA V subreddit did. Incredible! » 10/15/13 8:30am 10/15/13 8:30am

If You Can't Pull Off These Awesome GTA Stunts, Try Using Moon Gravity

A month into its release, most everyone has figured out that every curb is an opportunity for an insane stunt jump in Grand Theft Auto V—with or without the moon gravity cheat enabled. » 10/14/13 10:40am 10/14/13 10:40am