The Super-Expensive Special Edition For Grid 2 Hasn't Sold Yet

We've reported about the $190,000 worth Mono Edition for Grid 2, where the added bonus was not just some fancy cosmetic DLC, but a high-performance car. And although the game came out in May, guess what, no one bought this super-special edition yet. » 8/12/13 6:30am 8/12/13 6:30am

This Might Be the Most Expensive Pre-Order Ever

Codemasters' racing game Grid 2 has a fairly expensive special edition that you can pre-order. How much is it? £125,000, or $189,016. What do you get for that kind of money, you ask? Well, Grid 2, for one. Also, a PlayStation 3. And a car. » 5/24/13 7:30am 5/24/13 7:30am

Ask The Creators Of GRID 2 Anything You Want

Sim racing games are fun for few, but the community at large finds them boring. Arcade racing games are fun, but they're a bit too fake. So what if there was a game that combined the two? That's what GRID 2 wants to do. It's coming out next week, and the developers are here now to answer all your questions. Fire away! » 5/22/13 12:19pm 5/22/13 12:19pm

The Moneysaver: Save On Grid 2, RE: Revelations, Game and Wario, More

We've already had some huge sales today in our morning Moneysaver PSA, and now we're bringing you some great pre-order discounts on highly-anticipated releases. Dig in. » 4/25/13 2:15pm 4/25/13 2:15pm

And now, courtesy of a recently released trailer, have a small glimpse of Grid 2's "Redefined" multiplayer gameplay. Codemasters' arcade racer is coming out on May 28, with Europe getting it three days later, on May 31. » 4/16/13 6:00am 4/16/13 6:00am

Grid 2's Multiplayer Mode Is An Intensely Social Race Experience

Everything is social these days. If you don't tweet and update your Facebook status every 40 minutes, you are an outcast and a pariah. If you don't Instagram your meals, your friends will pretend not to know you. And if you don't develop a social gaming experience, nobody will buy your latest game. And that's why Grid… » 4/11/13 5:17pm 4/11/13 5:17pm

GRID 2's Achievements Will Be Written by Achievement Hunters and have been tapped to draw up the achievements and trophies in GRID 2, due for release by the end of March. Publisher Codemasters and the two sites made a joint announcement of the team-up yesterday. » 11/24/12 12:00pm 11/24/12 12:00pm

Freshly-Announced Grid Sequel Follows Old-Fashioned Naming Conventions

Codemasters has seen fit to develop a second Grid game. The first, released in 2008, was pretty damn great, as you'd expect given the fact many of the team from the respected TOCA series had worked on it. » 8/08/12 3:35am 8/08/12 3:35am