Batman: Arkham Knight PC Benchmarks, For What They're Worth

Although I didn’t spend much time playing Batman: Arkham Origins, I remember the game rather well after testing it on no less than 30 graphics cards and 20 CPUs. Arkham Origins appeared to take full advantage of Unreal Engine 3, it ran smoothly on affordable GPUs, though it’s worth remembering that Origins was… »6/27/15 1:00pm6/27/15 1:00pm

Holy Crap, Nvidia's New Tegra K1 Has 192 Cores?!

Nvidia's kicking off this year's CES madness with the Tegra K1, the first Nvidia chip with freaking 192 CUDA cores. Does that sound like a desktop thing, not mobile? It sort of is. According to Nvidia this bridges the gap between Kepler-based desktop cards and the mobile-based Tegra chips. Not just Tegra 5 but like… »1/05/14 11:50pm1/05/14 11:50pm

Enslaved, Brothers, Mario 3D World, Odin Sphere, Dollhouse [Deals]

Black Friday is just about upon us, Cyber Monday is just around the corner, and there's a Steam Autumn Sale happening, and yet we still have an entire additional set of great deals for you to pick through below. It's a great day to pick up Enslaved on the PC if you missed it on the consoles. »11/27/13 2:30pm11/27/13 2:30pm

Playstation 4 And Xbox One Games, Amazon Digital Black Friday [Deals]

Brace yourself because we've got a ton of deals today. Nothing fancy, just a laundry list of great discounts not only on PC, PS3, and 360, but on PS4, Xbox One, and Mac. The standout thing to grab is of course the Bioshock Triple Pack, but my personal recommendation goes to the Trine 2 Complete Story, Flower, Super… »11/21/13 1:15pm11/21/13 1:15pm

Xbox One Games, Cheap Playstation Plus, Boardwalk Empire [Deals]

Head over to the Microsoft Store and get $10 credit back on select pre-orders, reducing this great selection of games to $50/piece, or buy 6 get 1 free. You also have the option of walking into a physical Toys R Us and getting a $50 gift card with 3 Xbox One games purchased, which works out to be slightly cheaper, but… »11/18/13 1:15pm11/18/13 1:15pm

Which PC Hardware Best Contributes to Mass Effect 3's War Effort?

As you've undoubtedly heard, the third installment of BioWare's Mass Effect »3/14/12 2:00pm3/14/12 2:00pm trilogy hit shelves last Tuesday. Being one of the year's most anticipated launches, it's no surprise to see it with an . However, in what has become common among high-profile PC game releases, tons of have slapped the title with negative…