​Grant Morrison's The Multiversity Remixes What Makes DC Comics Great

Earlier this year, Marvel Comics debuted new variants of their Captain America and Thor characters. The new Captain America is a black man and the new Thor is a warrior woman. Those changes made a lot of fans upset. But comics legend Grant Morrison is featuring a black Superman and loads of racially diversified,… »9/16/14 4:15pm9/16/14 4:15pm

Grant Morrison's New Sci-Fi Comic Is About How F***ed-Up Hollywood Is

Grant Morrison writes weird comics. Comics filled with streets that talk, a Joker that squeezes Batman's ass and a Superman who saves the universe by singing to it. Some of those lovingly bizarre ideas get pulled from his own life and experiences. But the head-trip material from his newest stuff comes from this… »9/10/14 12:30pm9/10/14 12:30pm

Three Graphic Novels That Might Make This The Greatest Week of New Graphic Novels Ever

Tomorrow, you will be able to walk into a comics shop (yes, they still exist, despite me downloading most of comics to an iPad), and you will be able to buy three graphic novels. One is by Grant Morrison. One is by Eddie Campbell. One is by Alan Moore.

Morrison and Moore are merely two of the most acclaimed comics… »6/26/12 3:20pm6/26/12 3:20pm