How The Creator Of Gran Turismo Changed The Culture Of Speed

Back in the early 1990s when Sony was first branching out into gaming, a young designer named Kazunori Yamauchi wanted nothing more than to produce the racing game he had dreamed about since he was 15. Sony had other ideas in mind. » 1/22/14 12:01pm 1/22/14 12:01pm

Drive The Hottest Concept From The Detroit Auto Show Right Now

Well, you can drive the Toyota FT-1 if you've got a Playstation and a copy of Gran Turismo 6 spinning around inside of it. Gran Turismo has again teamed up with an automaker — this time Toyota — to bring fanciful products to life. » 1/16/14 4:35am 1/16/14 4:35am

I'd Have Killed A Man To Go To Gran Turismo 6's Launch

I've had a tumultuous relationship with Gran Turismo over the years. I used to love it. Then I hated it, bored of how sterile and lifeless it had become. Now...I appreciate it for what it is. I've got Forza for when I want to get behind a car and go "WWWAAHAHHHHAHAHHAH". For those times I want to play the video game… » 12/05/13 2:00am 12/05/13 2:00am

Gran Turismo Creator Crashed His First Car At 24, Now Dreams of Peace

The man who makes the most popular racing game series of the past 15 years fell in love with cars at age three. At 24, he crashed the first car he ever had. He was driving perhaps a bit too fast that day. These days, he's wrapping up development of December's Gran Turismo 6 and proposing an interesting idea: that… » 9/20/13 10:00am 9/20/13 10:00am

Expert Gran Turismo Players Dominate At Actual Racing, Again

Once again, racing drivers who cut their teeth on Gran Turismo's GT Academy have shown how much ass they can kick when they swap the PlayStation controller for a steering wheel. An all-gamer team took the podium at this weekend's Spa 24 Hours. » 7/29/13 2:50pm 7/29/13 2:50pm

This Idea For A Gran Turismo Movie Plot Is As Good As Any

When news broke out yesterday that a Gran Turismo film was in the works, you and I both seemed a bit perplexed. How do you make a movie, something that typically has elements like characters and plot, from a franchise that has none of those things? » 7/25/13 8:47pm 7/25/13 8:47pm