God of War III's Gigantic Titan Was Better Endowed Than You Might Think

The creative teams who've made the God of War games have done cruel things to the members of the Greco-Roman pantheon, with series hero Kratos wreaking jaw-dropping vengeance on Ares, Hermes and Hades. Each god Kratos came up against met a spectacularly bloody end but a talk at last week's Game Developers Conference… » 3/13/12 5:00pm 3/13/12 5:00pm

The Beasts and Beauties of God of War

A former comic book artist, Andy Park is one of the main men to thank if you liked the look of the last two God of War games, as he was a senior concept artist on both God of War II and God of War III. » 9/06/11 7:00am 9/06/11 7:00am

The Faces Behind Gaming's Blockbuster Voices

Today is unofficial voice-acting day here at Kotaku. We've considered how important voice actors are to video games. We'll be listening to how their work would have impacted the classics. » 7/15/11 3:00pm 7/15/11 3:00pm

The 2011 Into the Pixel Collection Celebrates the Finest in Video Game…

Every year experts from the fine art world and the interactive entertainment industry bestow upon video game artists the highest honor they can receive — inclusion in the Into the Pixel art collection. Let's take a look at the seventeen pieces that made the cut this year. » 5/25/11 3:20pm 5/25/11 3:20pm

Are Foreign Games Losing Their Stigma in Japan?

For decades, the term "youge" (洋ゲー) or "Western game" was pejorative. In Japanese, "you" (洋) is used to denote Western things, whether that be "Western music" (洋楽) or "Western clothes" (洋服). These words are not pejorative—not like youge has been. » 5/12/11 8:00am 5/12/11 8:00am

Do Video Games Need an Incredibly Easy Button?

Sometimes Easy Mode just isn't enough. In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Sullyville begs game developers for an option to skip the harder sections of games altogether. » 4/27/11 2:00pm 4/27/11 2:00pm

Why God Of War III's Game Director Considers Kratos' Mortal Kombat

In December it was revealed that God of War series star Kratos would be entering the ring in this year's Mortal Kombat. No one was more excited about the news than God of War III game director Stig Asmussen. » 3/15/11 3:20pm 3/15/11 3:20pm

God of War III, Uncharted 2 & Heavy Rain Are Now 'Greatest Hits'

Sony has inducted a handful of new PlayStation 3 games into its budget-friendly Greatest Hits line, taking some of the console's best games from 2009 and 2010, slashing their prices and busying up their box art. » 2/25/11 6:40pm 2/25/11 6:40pm

God Of War Swaps "Furious" For "Beautiful"

Can't afford the big, beautiful God of War III art book? Make do with these free internet pictures of the game, showing the concept art skills of Jung Park. » 2/16/11 6:00am 2/16/11 6:00am

Singularity Among Nominees For Best Writing In A Video Game

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Fallout: New Vegas and Singularity (pictured) headline the six nominees for the Writer's Guild's Video Game Writing Award this year. » 1/06/11 10:30pm 1/06/11 10:30pm

Red Dead Redemption Cleans Up At The VGAs

To keep the show to two hours, they didn't hand out all the hardware on stage at last night's 2010 Video Game Awards. Here is the complete list of honorees. Neil Patrick Harris' compensation was limited to just one award. » 12/12/10 2:00pm 12/12/10 2:00pm

Play God Of War III (Again) As Kratos' Hairier Brother

PSP game God of War: Ghost of Sparta has one more incentive that might convince serious fans to pick up the soon to be released action adventure, the option to play as Kratos' brother, Deimos, in God of War III. » 10/07/10 5:40pm 10/07/10 5:40pm

The Art Of God Of War III

Ballistic Publishing, the team behind the excellent Uncharted 2 art book, are back with another tome for another Sony franchise, only this time it's God of War. » 9/02/10 2:30am 9/02/10 2:30am

DC's Mass Effect, Killzone, God Of War Toys Up Close & Totally Awesome

Toy and collectible maker DC Direct has some lovely looking action figure offerings coming this year and into 2011, all of which were on display at Comic-Con 2010. From Mass Effect to Twisted Metal, let's take a look! » 7/22/10 12:20pm 7/22/10 12:20pm

One Year Later, Did These PS3 and PSP Promises Come True?

The PlayStation people promise a lot of things. They did one year ago. Now those promises and plans are being checked, by me, to see which elements of their E3 2009 Sony hype came true and which did not. » 6/03/10 10:40am 6/03/10 10:40am

God Of War Murders Up An Art Exhibition

Renowned for its blood, glares and exposed breasts, the God of War series is also famous for having some rather exquisite artwork associated with its games. Fans of this art should keep Saturday night free. » 5/26/10 5:30am 5/26/10 5:30am