Get A Taste of God of War: Origins for PS3 This Week (Or Next Week)

The high-definition remakes of PSP God of War games Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta get a PlayStation 3 demo starting tomorrow, August 30 (for PlayStation Plus subscribers). Non-subscribers can sample God of War: Origins starting September 6. » 8/29/11 4:20pm 8/29/11 4:20pm

These Are 2010's Best PlayStation Network Games

Last month Sony asked PlayStation 3 owners to vote for the best PlayStation Network Games of 2010 across four different categories. Only two of the winners directly involved zombies. » 3/07/11 5:20pm 3/07/11 5:20pm

The PlayStation Portable "Was Doomed" From Launch

Sony's PlayStation Portable, while hardly a failure, hasn't really caught on the way most were expecting it to around the time of its launch back in 2004. Why? Because, as one developer says, it was "doomed". » 11/19/10 2:30am 11/19/10 2:30am

God Of War Developer Wonders Why People Make PSP Games

On November 2, PlayStation Portable game God of War: Ghost of Sparta hit stores. But its developer, Ready at Dawn, is already questioning the rationale for creating PSP games. Don't blame the hardware, blame piracy. » 10/27/10 3:00am 10/27/10 3:00am

Review: God of War: Ghost of Sparta

To the people on buses and benches, necks bent and eyes locked on their Angry Birds, make way for one of the best 2010 portable games that you need buttons to play, the one starring an angry Greek god who rips wings from birds. » 10/25/10 12:00pm 10/25/10 12:00pm

God Of War Is Not The God Of Manga

This month, PSP title God of War: Ghost of Sparta is finally going on sale in Japan. Western players might be familiar with the franchise's story, but that's not the case for Japan. You know this game needs? » 10/21/10 2:00am 10/21/10 2:00am

Play God Of War III (Again) As Kratos' Hairier Brother

PSP game God of War: Ghost of Sparta has one more incentive that might convince serious fans to pick up the soon to be released action adventure, the option to play as Kratos' brother, Deimos, in God of War III. » 10/07/10 5:40pm 10/07/10 5:40pm

Get A Little Taste Of God of War: Ghost of Sparta This Week

Charge up the PSP and download the latest firmware in anticipation of the next (potentially) great portable God of War game, which you can play a teensy bit of starting tomorrow. » 9/27/10 6:40pm 9/27/10 6:40pm

Sony Gives Us Six Reasons To Pre-Order God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Developed by the folks behind perhaps one of the greatest games to ever hit the Playstation Portable, God of War: Ghost of Sparta hits in just two months. And Playstation has half a dozen reasons why you should pre-order it. » 9/15/10 11:00am 9/15/10 11:00am

Sony's Ghost of Sparta Bundle Makes PSP Ownership Look Appealing

Now might not be the right time to pick up a PSP, should you have waited this long to invest. November, on the other hand, when God of War: Ghost of Sparta comes to North America, might be better. » 8/30/10 6:40pm 8/30/10 6:40pm

God of War: Ghost Of Sparta Walks The Earth This November

Experience the origin of everyone's favorite vengeful god slayer on November 2 when God of War: Ghost of Sparta hits the PSP, with "the ultimate DLC pack" offered up as a sacrifice to preorder customers. » 8/02/10 11:40am 8/02/10 11:40am

Imagine What The People Next To You On The Bus Will Think

The latest clip of the PSP's God of War Ghost of Sparta shows protagonist Kratos at his meanest. It reminds me that playing a portable God of War in public leaves you open to some weird looks from people nearby. » 7/29/10 3:00pm 7/29/10 3:00pm

A Black & Red PSP For The God Of War Fans Out There

Buried inside Sony's press packs for this year's E3 is this black & red PSP-3000, which will form part of a bundle to coincide with the release of God of War: Ghost of Sparta. » 6/18/10 8:30am 6/18/10 8:30am

Kratos Is Good With A Spear & Shield In Ghost of Sparta

You can't see it any of these screen shots, but the star of God of War is pretty good with a spear and shield, one of the angry Spartan's newest tricks in his new PSP adventure. » 6/18/10 12:00am 6/18/10 12:00am

A First Look At PSP's God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Ready at Dawn is back on the Playstation Portable development train, promising to top their best portable effort and one of the greatest games ever made for the PSP with God of War: Ghost of Sparta. » 5/04/10 9:21am 5/04/10 9:21am