Twelve Sexy Anime Characters Want to Date You

Originally, Girl's RPG Cinderellife was going to be a 3DS version of the popular cell phone title Kyabajoppi. In Kyabajoppi you manage a host club that is frequented by many famous anime characters. And while, Cinderellife now has you living the life of a single hostess instead of managing the club, the anime… » 4/20/12 5:30am 4/20/12 5:30am

Hostess Clubs Are Invading Video Games (Host Clubs Too!)

Last year at the Tokyo Game Show, Level-5 announced they were making an RPG on the 3DS specifically targeted toward girls. I was interested by the idea. What exactly is a "girl's RPG." Would it present girls with a strong female role model or would it just be a traditional princessy love story? But whatever I… » 4/17/12 7:00am 4/17/12 7:00am