Destroy Satan and Escape From Hades? Sounds Simple Enough.

I remember Ghosts 'N Goblins being about two things: underpants and skeletons. Mostly about underpants. It's easy to forget amidst all the cheesy humour of the game, then, that it had a fairly brutal premise.

I mean, it's not like destroying Satan himself and then escaping the netherworld of Hades is tough enough.… »8/02/12 1:30am8/02/12 1:30am

Vampires, Ghosts, Goblins And The Devil Hit Wii Virtual Console For Halloween

Hey - at least it isn't another bloody Zombie epidemic stunt. 3 classic NES games with seasonally appropriate levels of supernatural 'orribleness are to make their debut on the Wii Virtual Console this week. Vampire hunting platformer Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse »10/30/08 8:40pm10/30/08 8:40pm, controversial-in-the-80's non-Pac-Man-ripoff and …