No need for a mod to go Ghost Rider and do justice in Grand Theft Auto V. Just a few tricks here and there, and you are good to go—Los Santos just got a new spirit of vengeance. There's even a tutorial out there, and the only thing missing is Johnny Blaze's chain. » 11/25/13 8:30am 11/25/13 8:30am

Grand Theft Auto IV Gets Unholy Vengeance with This Fiery Ghost Rider

There's a lot of evil in Liberty City. And, therefore, a lot of victims that need avenging. It's a good thing, then that Junior Almeida's Ghost Rider mod turns Niko Bellic into Marvel Comics' flaming skull-headed, demonic anti-hero. » 9/10/12 1:30pm 9/10/12 1:30pm

Ghost Rider Turns His Penance Stare on Pinball FX 2

Johnny Blaze, the subject of the upcoming live-action sequel starring Nicholas Cage's hair, is the next Marvel superhero to get the Pinball FX 2 treatment, but what virtuous secret is he hiding? » 10/14/11 2:40pm 10/14/11 2:40pm

Marvel Pinball Expanding to Other Platforms, but First, a Ghost Rider

The well received Marvel series of tables for the acclaimed pinball simulator Pinball FX 2 will be getting another set of four tables by winter, and also will expand to other platforms in 2012. » 7/24/11 2:00pm 7/24/11 2:00pm

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Brings Twelve New Fighters at a Budget…

This November Capcom fighting fans will feel the vengeance of Ghost Rider, the sting of Hawkeye's arrows, the fury of Firebrand, and the sexy skill of Strider, four of twelve new characters joining the battle in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. » 7/20/11 12:40pm 7/20/11 12:40pm