Ghost In The Shell: Arise's Newest Ad Is A 3-Minute Mini-Episode

The four-part OVA series, Ghost in the Shell: Arise doesn't even feign hiding product placement and ads. Two weeks before the premiere of the second part of the series, Production I.G has released an exclusive mini-episode, which basically is an ad for a Japanese company. But it's still three minutes of new GitS » 11/18/13 7:30am 11/18/13 7:30am

Watch the First 8 Minutes of the new Ghost in the Shell Right Here

Back in February, we showed you the first trailer of the newest installment of the Ghost in the Shell franchise, Ghost in the Shell: Arise. With the Japanese theater release of the first chapter, border: 1 Ghost Pain, a week away, fans are getting a special gift: The first eight minutes of the film are now online. » 6/14/13 6:15am 6/14/13 6:15am