Lawsuit Seeks to Stop New Duke Nukem Game Teased by Original Studio…

The studio that spent 12 years unable to finish Duke Nukem Forever and the one that finally did in 2011 are back in court again, this time over a Duke Nukem game for PC and PlayStation that was teased earlier this month. » 2/23/14 11:30am 2/23/14 11:30am

Duke Nukem Forever Designer Apparently Lost Millions

Duke Nukem Forever has been in development since 1997. And the man who toiled away on that game for over a decade lost a bunch of cash. Tens of millions, apparently. Ouch. » 10/07/10 8:30am 10/07/10 8:30am

Will Duke Nukem Forever Come Out To Play At PAX?

Last month, Kotaku was told that 3D Realms' ridiculously long-in-the-making shooter Duke Nukem Forever would finally see the light of day, thanks to a saving throw from Borderlands studio Gearbox Software. Duke's reveal was rumored to happen at this weekend's PAX convention. » 9/02/10 3:40pm 9/02/10 3:40pm

Rumor: Borderlands Studio Reviving Duke Nukem Forever

There may be hope yet for the ludicrously long-in-the-making Duke Nukem Forever. Sources claiming to have knowledge of the situation tell Kotaku that Duke Nukem Forever development continues at a new home, Borderlands developer Gearbox Software. » 8/11/10 12:30am 8/11/10 12:30am

Duke Nukem Forever Creator Will Take Your Questions Now, No Matter How…

George Broussard, main man at the house the Duke Nukem built—and eventually demolished—3DRealms, is giving his dedicated followers and detractors an open forum in which to ask him almost anything, like "Will Duke Nukem Forever ever see the light of day?" » 4/02/10 10:00pm 4/02/10 10:00pm