APB Goes Free-To-Play The Hard Way

In September, Realtime Worlds' cops and robbers MMO APB: All Points Bulletin closed its doors. In early 2011, free-to-play MMO publisher GamersFirst launches APB: Reloaded. GamersFirst CTO and COO Bjorn Book-Larsson tells Kotaku how the resurrection is going down. » 11/16/10 9:30am 11/16/10 9:30am

Blizzard's Naming Policy Is Smaller MMO Publisher's Marketing Opportunity

Who benefits from Blizzard's controversial decision to use players' real names in forum posts? War Rock publisher GamersFirst hopes it will, issuing an official press release to let gamers know it's all still anonymous there. » 7/09/10 11:20am 7/09/10 11:20am