The Indie Game Reality TV Show That Went To Hell

A reality TV show about some of the best indie game developers in the business competing Iron-Chef-style to make amazing games? Sounds like a great idea, right? You'd think so, but this story does not, unfortunately, have a happy ending. » 3/31/14 7:51pm 3/31/14 7:51pm

Minecraft Creator's Latest Is...A Zombie Game (And It's Free)

Game jams are fantastic for short, focused games. Couple that with Notch's ability to make polished gems for jams, and what you get is Shambles—an FPS zombie game developed for the 7DFPS challenge. » 8/16/13 10:30pm 8/16/13 10:30pm

This Mom Has 60 Seconds To Hug Her Child, But She's Trapped In A Mech

Where Is The Button For Love? gives you a very simple goal: Hug your daughter. The only problem is that while you were working on your mech, the retro-turboencabulator malfunctioned, and now you're trapped inside. » 7/11/13 7:15pm 7/11/13 7:15pm

The second "Molyjam" will be going down this weekend at a ton of locations around the world. If you're interested in joining up and making a weird, amazing game, head on over to their site and find a spot near you. » 7/03/13 10:15pm 7/03/13 10:15pm

From Molydeux To Molyneux: The Weirdo Game Jam Comes Home To Roost

You may recall Molyjam, a 2012 "game jam" that brought together amateur and professional game developers from around the world to make games based on the weird ideas espoused by the satirical Peter Molydeux Twitter account. That account, of course, was a joke version of the very real game designer Peter Molyneux. Yes,… » 6/25/13 10:00pm 6/25/13 10:00pm