Ten Things You Need to Know Right Away About Galak-Z

Galak-Z is a space shooter, which means fast reaction time and good command of controls. Galak-Z is also a roguelike, which means you’ll encounter randomized levels, enemies and loot. It’s damn important that you know that this is a game that looks like you should play it one way but is designed to be played a very… »8/03/15 9:00am8/03/15 9:00am

Developer's Freak-Out Might Make a Robotech-Style Shooter Even Better

If you've been keeping tabs on Galak-Z, then you know that the upcoming space combat game drinks deeply from the sweet well of 1980s era Japanese animation. When it was first conceived, Galak-Z was going to feature the same cat-and-mouse starfighter showdowns for everybody. But the game's vision of space combat has… »2/21/14 4:30pm2/21/14 4:30pm

If You Grew Up in the '80s, Your Soul Cries Out for This Space Shooter

Nerds and geeks of a certain age fondly remember Macross/Robotech, Star Blazers and other spectacle-filled, emotionally overwrought animated space operas from the 1980s. These Japanese series remain touchstones for a generation and some folks miss them quite a bit. Jake Kazdal is one of those people and the game… »9/01/13 8:30pm9/01/13 8:30pm