Frito-Lay's Handling the Skylanders Freebie Like It's 1980 or Something

Thirty-two years ago, Dad came home with what could only be described as the Holy Grail of my childhood—Boba Fett. Dad was the kind of guy who once called Kenner, under the auspices of a local newspaperman, to ask if they were making a Yoda action figure and when it would arrive. In secret, he also raked together four… » 7/05/12 10:00pm 7/05/12 10:00pm

New Skylanders "Sidekicks" Arriving in Frito Bags in Two Weeks?

This rumor has bubbled on enthusiast sites and message boards since about April, but an official-looking PowerPoint floating out there in the wild suggests a promotion this July will combine Mike Fahey's two greatest loves: Skylanders and snack foods. » 6/24/12 1:00pm 6/24/12 1:00pm