Cryptic Hires Flagship Co-Founder

Cryptic Studios hired Bill Roper, former Director of Blizzard Entertainment and co-founder of Flagship Studios , as the company’s Design Director, they announced today. “Bill brings a ton of creative energy to the Cryptic office and we’re thrilled to have him join our team,” said John Needham, Chief Executive Officer… » 11/03/08 10:00am 11/03/08 10:00am

Hellgate: London Slamming Shut On January 31st

Will the last Templar Guardian please turn off the lights and do whatever it is that you do to auras that makes them stop glowing - Hellgate: London is shutting down. Flagship Studio's troubled demon hunting MMO will be shut down at midnight on January 31st 2009. Namco Bandai, who have been running the Hellgate… » 10/24/08 4:20pm 10/24/08 4:20pm

Interview: Flagship Studios On Life After Hellgate Launch

What happens at the studio when a game doesn't sell as well as was hoped? Imagine being at Flagship Studios after Hellgate: London's launch stumbles, which 1UP identified as "one of the top 5 worst PC game launches of all time." Angry PC gamers even invented a special term, "Flagshipped," to refer to when a company… » 6/10/08 3:20pm 6/10/08 3:20pm