DC Is Creating A Justice League In The Arrow Universe, And That's Great

With the announcement that the CW is expanding its superhero show roster with an Atom/Firestorm/Black Canary team-up show, it looks like we might finally be getting something Smallville tried (and ultimately failed) to do: Create the Justice League on television. But this time, it might actually work. »3/06/15 4:41pm3/06/15 4:41pm


Check Out the First Pages of DC Comics’ Fury of Firestorm #2

We like comics around here and have a first look at a new one—and hopefully a good one—for you. This is Fury of the Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #2 from DC Comics, which picks up with two high school students dealing with the fact they've not just turned into two nuclear-powered heroes but have merged into an even more… »10/21/11 1:00pm10/21/11 1:00pm