Big, Ugly Nintendo Roundup

For two whole days, Nintendo fed on my soul - and I, in turn, fed on your eye sockets with the following impressions and haphazard news stories: DSi Not Bound for US Until Well Into Next Year » 10/09/08 11:00am 10/09/08 11:00am While all that was going on, I also got the chance for some quality time with and . Oh, and I also got my hands on…

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon – Not a Looker, But She’s Got Heart

Fire Emblem on the Famicom is not a game that aged well in terms of graphics. But as a beacon of everything right and good about tactical/strategy role-playing games, it’s still second to none. Forget Radiant Dawn on the Wii; the DS is where this series belongs. Shadow Dragon is Marth’s chapter of the Fire Emblem… » 10/08/08 5:00pm 10/08/08 5:00pm