GameStop Returns To Reporting Record Sales

After reporting its first non-record holiday quarter in January, GameStop is back to posting chart-shattering financial results, breaking $2 billion in sales for the first quarter of 2010. » 5/20/10 1:20pm 5/20/10 1:20pm

EA Cuts Loose Bottom Third Of Its Game Lineup

During a conference call regarding the company's 2nd quarter financial results, EA's John Schappert revealed that more than a dozen unannounced EA titles had been cut from production as part of its cost reduction plan. » 11/09/09 6:20pm 11/09/09 6:20pm

Funcom Loses Big, Chief Financial Officer Bails

The Age of Conan has been rather rough on Funcom, whose fourth quarter financials reveal an operating loss of $23.3 million, possibly prompting the departure of chief financial officer Olav Sandnes. » 2/23/09 11:20am 2/23/09 11:20am

Sega Loses Big At Pachinko

Sega has reported their financial results for the first quarter of the 2009 financial year, and while the video games segment of their business saw sales growth of 90.6%, the company is still reporting a $963 million loss. The problem? Those pesky Pachinko machines. With an operating income loss of $29 million and an… » 8/06/08 11:20am 8/06/08 11:20am