Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Parasite Eve "Sequel" Are PSP Bound

Click to view » 8/01/08 11:00pm 8/01/08 11:00pmSquare Enix announced at its Private Party in Shinjuku today that both and will be released on the PSP. The two were previously announced for release only on mobile phones. Square Enix did not provide a date for , but pegged the not-quite-a-sequel to for a 2009 release. is said to follow the…

Has Square Enix Cancelled Final Fantasy Agito XIII?

Square Enix bossman Yoichi Wada presided over the company's shareholder conference late last week. Dragon Quest IX still doesn't have a release date, but saying that he really wants to release it and thought the game would be ready for sale this year. Wada added, "But I said the same thing last year." Square Enix… » 5/26/08 4:00am 5/26/08 4:00am