FarmVille 2 'Counting Sheep' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

As part of the new Sheep Shack event in FarmVille 2, farmers are now encouraged to complete a series of quests called "Counting Sheep." There are eight quests in this series, and they require the use of some limited time crops in the store. That being the case, you'll want to start them as soon as possible to not get… »2/27/13 12:55pm2/27/13 12:55pm

FarmVille 2 Celtic Kitchen Recipes: Everything You Need to Know

As we continue our look at the Celtic item theme in FarmVille 2, we now head into the game's Crafting Kitchen with the theme's three new recipes. These recipes will only be available for the next 27 days, while the themed ingredients themselves are available in the store for the next 20 days. Without further ado,… »2/26/13 12:55pm2/26/13 12:55pm

FarmVille 2 Vanilla Heirloom Recipes: Everything You Need to Know

You might already be satisfied with the amount of crafting recipes available in FarmVille 2's Crafting Kitchen. But Zynga always releases more. In fact, the developer has released a brand new "Heirloom Recipe" feature to the Crafting Kitchen that will see new recipes released for a very limited time to encourage… »2/25/13 12:55pm2/25/13 12:55pm

FarmVille 2 More Turkish Delights Kitchen Recipes: Everything You Need to Know

As with almost every theme in FarmVille 2, the second set of Turkish Delights items is here alongside a series of new Crafting Kitchen recipes. Of course, only one of the recipes is technically "free" to create, as the other two require ingredients earned via premium trees. Still, there's quite a bit of coins to be… »2/19/13 1:10pm2/19/13 1:10pm

FarmVille 2 Gothic Revival Workshop Recipes: Everything You Need to Know

Our look at the new Gothic Revival theme in FarmVille 2 continues with a complete guide to the Crafting Workshop recipes that have also been released in this theme. There are three new recipes in all, some of which will be required if you'd like to finish the game's Florist Table feature. You do want that Florist Table »2/07/13 12:55pm2/07/13 12:55pm

FarmVille 2 Gothic Revival Kitchen Recipes: Everything You Need to Know

If you're ready to really dive into the Gothic Revival theme in FarmVille 2, you can now purchase some of the theme's limited edition trees and put their fruits to good use in the game's Crafting Kitchen. There are three new recipes available to cook in this theme, and all three of them require Beautyberry fruit to… »2/06/13 1:55pm2/06/13 1:55pm

FarmVille 2 Animal Mastery: Everything You Need to Know

Crop mastery has long been a staple of FarmVille 2. But farmers have never had that same "master them all" incentive to continue tending to animals if they no longer need their resources. That all changes with this week's addition of animal mastery to the game. Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded with up to… »1/30/13 12:55pm1/30/13 12:55pm

FarmVille 2 Chinese New Year Crafting Recipes: Everything You Need to Know

You've had a complete look at the new Chinese New Year decorations, crops, animals and trees in the FarmVille 2 marketplace. But wait, there's more! There are also three new Crafting Kitchen recipes that will be available for around a month, and we're here with a complete guide to their ingredients and payouts. »1/22/13 12:55pm1/22/13 12:55pm

FarmVille 2 Art Deco Crafting Recipes: Everything You Need to Know

We've already brought you a complete guide to the Art Deco items in the FarmVille 2 marketplace, but there's more to this theme than just items in the store. In fact, there are three new crafting recipes available for creation inside the Crafting Kitchen, and we're here with a complete guide to making these fancy, new… »1/17/13 12:55pm1/17/13 12:55pm

FarmVille 2 'Dairy Delicacies' Quests: Everything You Need to Know

Zynga has turned its focus to the Yogurt Creamery in FarmVille 2, seeing players build this new milk-themed structure on their farms and complete a series of eight new quests in a "Dairy Delicacies" line. This quest line deals with the construction of the Yogurt Creamery, so if you've already built one on your own… »1/11/13 12:55pm1/11/13 12:55pm

FarmVille 2 Yogurt Creamery: Everything You Need to Know

Land is hard to come by in FarmVille 2, but if you've got a few extra acres to spare, you can now build the Yogurt Creamery to give your dairy animals much more important status on the farm. The Yogurt Creamery will take advantage of your (hopefully many) goats and cows, as you work to collect a series of 12 yogurts,… »1/10/13 12:55pm1/10/13 12:55pm

17 Vatican Virtual Farmers and Other Entertaining FarmVille 2 Stats

They might have lost Kirk Hamilton and Stephen Totilo, but every day eight million other people still hop online to water their virtual crops in Zynga's social farming sequel, FarmVille 2. According to the first FarmVille 2 Almanac infographic, 17 of those players are playing from the Vatican. I suspect something more… »1/04/13 2:55pm1/04/13 2:55pm