About Jewish Stereotypes And Video Games...

There aren't a lot of Jews in video games. This is something I've always found interesting—considering the disproportionate number of Jews in the world of film and television—but not particularly unusual. Jews make up less than 0.2% of the world's population, so it only makes sense that we'd be in less than 0.2% of… » 1/28/14 3:30pm 1/28/14 3:30pm

Blood Dragon Action Figures Don't Need A Tutorial

There weren't any official Blood Dragon action figures. Shame. Ah well. At least there's this unofficial one, of the game's star Rex Colt, which is probably better than anything we'd have officially got anyways. » 6/18/13 3:00am 6/18/13 3:00am

The Gay Joke In Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Is Harmless. Or Is It?

The first thing that immediately stood out to me when I initially previewed Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon wasn't the neon, it wasn't the hark back to the ridiculousness of the 80's, it wasn't even the blood dragons themselves. That's because I didn't get to see much of any of that before being hit with a gay, possibly… » 5/08/13 8:30pm 5/08/13 8:30pm

Some of the Best & Worst One-Liners in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, came out last week. If you played it, you may notice that its main character, Rex "Power" Colt, is an unstoppable, one-liner army. » 5/08/13 10:43am 5/08/13 10:43am

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon: The Movie: The Awesome Trailer

If Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is the encapsulation of c-grade 1980's sci-fi and action figures, this mock trailer for a Blood Dragon movie is the encapsulation of Blood Dragon. » 5/08/13 1:00am 5/08/13 1:00am

The Most Awesome Dinosaurs in Video Games

A month ago we got the 3D re-release of Jurassic Park, and a few weeks later we got Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon featuring dinosaurs of all kinds shining under neon lights. This happy coincidence provides us with an opportunity to gather some of the most amazing video games that have dinosaurs stomping around inside them. » 5/06/13 5:30pm 5/06/13 5:30pm

There's A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Easter Egg In Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon not only has strong words about violent video games, it also features our favorite pizza-lovin' turtles. » 5/01/13 6:30pm 5/01/13 6:30pm

'Anyone Who Thinks Games Are Bad For You Is a F---ing Idiot'

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon may be a violent, gleefully-stupid video game, but it also has a Serious Message about violent video games. » 5/01/13 9:00am 5/01/13 9:00am

Here's Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in Action For Seven Minutes

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon— the neon and fuchsia drenched stand alone expansion for Far Cry 3 — is out today for the Playstation Network. » 4/30/13 6:30pm 4/30/13 6:30pm

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Manborg: Separated at Birth?

I’d been hearing about Manborg—the no-budget homage to 1980s VHS action movies—for a while now. But I only realized that it was out on DVD today after I saw this tweet from Irrational Games writer Joe Fielder: » 4/30/13 3:15pm 4/30/13 3:15pm

Ubisoft has shared another chunk of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon gameplay, this time narrated by the game's creative director Dean Evans. This gives a sense of Blood Dragon's willful stupidity, and shows off a trick that wasn't present in Far Cry 3: The ability to call in a massive land-dragon to fight your enemies. Nifty. » 4/25/13 2:00pm 4/25/13 2:00pm

80s' Greatest Action Star Has So Many F***s to Give To Blood Dragon

If for some stupid reason Terminator star Michael Biehn wasn't already your favorite action hero from the 80s, he will be once you see him as Mark IV Cyber Commando Sergeant Rex Power Colt in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. This might just be his greatest role. The trailer, not the game itself. » 4/18/13 12:30pm 4/18/13 12:30pm

Forget Far Cry 3, I Want a Full-Length Blood Dragon Movie

What might be the best standalone game expansion ever created just got the greatest live-action movie tie-in, even if it is under five minutes long. » 4/16/13 4:00pm 4/16/13 4:00pm

The Man Behind Blood Dragon's 80s-Drenched "Box Art"

The unveiling of Far Cry 3's bizarre expansion, Blood Dragon, was one of the most low-key in memory. Ubisoft haven't really bothered. Just put some art out, a few trailers, and bam, that's it. » 4/16/13 12:24am 4/16/13 12:24am

Far Cry 3 + Neon Skin + Awesome Soundtrack + Stupidity = Blood Dragon

Before the press could sit down and play Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Dean Evans, creative director on the project, wanted to make one thing clear: the script is terrible, the characters are one dimensional, and make no mistake, "the game is stupid." He said this proudly; the approach was a bullet point. » 4/11/13 1:02pm 4/11/13 1:02pm

If This Really Is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon's Soundtrack, Then Oh My God

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, ie the worst-kept secret this week in video games, has unravelled a little more, with Aussie artist Powerglove seemingly behind the game's soundtrack. » 4/04/13 11:00pm 4/04/13 11:00pm