Christian Game Developers Want to Leave Bad Games Behind

Heading north on Interstate 5 toward Newberg, Ore. last week, I wasn't sure what exactly I'd encounter at Christian Game Developers Conference 2011. Would it have a show floor? Would they be showcasing new games? Would there be a Kinect-enabled Bible study game with 1:1 praying-hands control? Is a third sequel to the … »7/14/11 5:00pm7/14/11 5:00pm

Faith From Mirror's Edge Fan-Designed For Asian Tastes

That's Faith, lead character of first-person-parkour game Mirror's Edge. The game is designed by Swedish dev D.I.C.E., and naturally, the character exotic looks certainly look skewed towards Western tastes. The game, out in North America and Europe next month, is getting a Japan release in mid-December. The language… »10/14/08 3:00am10/14/08 3:00am