It's early days for VR, which means there aren't many games to get excited about. EVE: Valkryie, however, in one of the few "real" games coming. I've always loved my time with the game, and the newest trailer shows how the atmosphere is coming together. It looks gorgeous. » 3/19/15 11:15am 3/19/15 11:15am

EVE Online Is A Video Game With Its Own News Show

I don't play the game, so I had no idea this even existed, but hey, turns out that space MMO EVE Online has its own official TV news show! And it's pretty good! » 3/12/15 9:00pm 3/12/15 9:00pm

A Moment Of Appreciation For EVE Online's Starship Design

It's widely known to the outside world for its politics, but EVE Online is also a rather pretty video game, especially when it comes to the unique and varied design of its spaceships. » 3/11/15 9:00pm 3/11/15 9:00pm

An MMO That's Like Game Of Thrones Meets EVE Online

Crowfall has made over $400,000 on Kickstarter in a day, and with good reason: it aims to break the wild, player-driven antics of MMOs like EVE Online into time-based "campaigns" while combining them with complete world destructibility. It's an attempt at reinventing the genre, and a much-needed one. » 2/24/15 10:00pm 2/24/15 10:00pm

This Is Why Players Love EVE Online

One of my biggest gaming regrets is that I've never taken the time to really dig deep into EVE Online. This latest trailer, featuring the voices of actual players, is a monument to what everyone else is missing. » 11/22/14 11:00am 11/22/14 11:00am

EVE Online, Why So Blue?

Georg Hilmarsson is a senior concept artist at CCP, the developers of EVE Online. So the art you're about to see features, spoilers, a lot of spaceships from EVE Online. » 10/28/14 11:00pm 10/28/14 11:00pm

EVE Online's Hurricane Cruiser, Turned Into a LEGO Beast

It couldn't be easy collecting all the necessary bricks for this giant LEGO battlecruiser, but it's totally worth the effort. Dinklebob's creation was inspired by EVE Online's "Hurricane" ship, and the extra tiny drones are the best part: » 9/19/14 8:30am 9/19/14 8:30am

EVE Player Stalked For Nearly Two Years By Very Patient Punks

EVE Online, a sci-fi MMO that's full of scheming players, is famous for its many ridiculous stories of dedication, betrayal and intrigue. And the story of how some players became obsessed with someone who had one of the most expensive ships in the game feels emblematic of what the game can turn into for the most… » 5/14/14 7:00pm 5/14/14 7:00pm

EVE Monument Vandals Get Punished With A Lifetime Ban

EVE Online is at least in part a game about space pirates. But it's also a massive, teeming online ecosystem that often blurs the line between virtual and real-life experiences. So when you mess with EVE, it's fair to say that you can expect to be met with swift and brutal justice both online and off. » 5/08/14 5:30pm 5/08/14 5:30pm

I Watched Ten Game Developers Get Demolished by an MMA Champ

In nine years of covering video games and the people who play them, I have seen some egregious displays of machismo, but it's never gotten to the stage where men have literally ripped their shirts off and wrestled each other to the ground. On Friday, though, I witnessed game developers from EVE Online studio CCP fight… » 5/07/14 5:00am 5/07/14 5:00am

Who Knew Video Game Creators Could Also Be In Super Corny Rock Bands

Permaband is a band made up of members of EVE Online's development team. This clip for a song of theirs is a lot better than you're probably expecting. » 5/06/14 11:00pm 5/06/14 11:00pm

The People Behind EVE Are Making Another Sci-Fi MMO

It takes balls to announce a new space shooter MMO in the same year as Bungie's Destiny is due to appear, but if there's one thing that EVE Online developer CCP has never been short on, it's ambition. » 5/02/14 12:00pm 5/02/14 12:00pm

There's Now A Real-Life Monument To EVE Online Players

Earlier this year, CCP Games announced that it would be building a monument to the players of EVE Online, to celebrate ten years since the release of the game. Well, today it's finally done. » 4/30/14 12:00pm 4/30/14 12:00pm

A Look At The Insane History Of Eve Online

Meet Andrew Groen. He's a veteran freelance reporter who's written for the likes of Wired and Ars Technica, and now he's got a fascinating new project: writing a book about the increasingly insane history of the multiplayer game Eve Online. » 4/24/14 12:55pm 4/24/14 12:55pm

Video Game Creators Are Going To Be Killed By A Real UFC Fighter

Ten of the guys who work on EVE Online, along with some "special guests", are going to fight Iceland's Gunnar "Gunni" Nelson next month. Gunnar is a UFC fighter with twelve wins (and two blackbelts) to his name. They are all going to die. » 4/22/14 10:30pm 4/22/14 10:30pm

After Eight Years In Development, World Of Darkness Is No More

In 2006, Icelandic EVE Online developer CCP Games merged with White Wolf Publishing, announcing a massively multiplayer role-playing game based on the latter's popular World of Darkness supernatural role-playing setting. Today that project has been cancelled. » 4/14/14 1:15pm 4/14/14 1:15pm