What's on the Menu? The Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Map Pack

I was wondering when Activision was planning on returning to the dual pistol-wielding line cook from that live-action Call of Duty: Black Ops commercial. Welcome back, old friend. Things have escalated since we last met. » 4/28/11 10:40am 4/28/11 10:40am

That Crazy New Call of Duty George Romero Zombie Map is Big and Made…

It's not enough that you can play as the stars of Machete, The Walking Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street and Buffy The Vampire Slayer in the new Call of The Dead map going on sale next week for Call of Duty: Black Ops. You've got what is said to be one of their biggest maps ever, one that's made for snipers. Check out a … » 4/26/11 5:00pm 4/26/11 5:00pm

Buffy, Freddy and Machete Are Call of Duty's New Zombie Slayers

Dropped on a mysterious, ice-covered Siberian island, Call of the Dead has players control a dream-team of zombie killers as they fight to survive an army of the Soviet undead led by the set-light wielding reanimated corpse of George Romero. » 4/26/11 2:48pm 4/26/11 2:48pm

New Call of Duty: Black Ops 'Escalation' Screens Will Give You An Itchy…

Here are a zoo-full of new screenshots from the next Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack, Escalation, which show off the add-on's four new multiplayer levels; a Soviet zoo, a Cuban hotel, a Russian suburb, and an American convoy besieged by Russian troops. » 4/21/11 9:00pm 4/21/11 9:00pm