Valve's Erik Wolpaw On How DayZ And Minecraft Fulfill 'The Promise Of Games'

Among the many highlights from the Erik Wolpaw/Tim Schafer panel at PAX this past weekend was a brief exchange where an audience member asked what Wolpaw thought about the disconnect between authored single-player games and games that allowed truly personal stories to emerge, like Notch's Minecraft and Dean Hall's DayZ »9/03/12 7:00pm9/03/12 7:00pm


Portal 2's Erik Wolpaw Lecture Now Online for Your Viewing Pleasure

One of the writers of Portal 2, Erik Wolpaw, gave a talk last week at NYU's Game Center. You may have become aware of this because of the number of stories that ushered forth from the talk, like Wolpaw's passion for Rick the Adventure Sphere or why Chell doesn't speak. Or perhaps you were one of the dozens of people… »5/10/11 2:20pm5/10/11 2:20pm

Remembering Old Man Murray, the Website That Rebooted Games Journalism

Our friends at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the PC gaming partisans, uncovered a bit of a snarl in the Wikipedia page for now-primordeal gaming protoblog, Old Man Murray. An overzealous—or perhaps simply vindictive—Wikipedia editor had deemed the entry about OMM "unnotable" and fit for deletion. But within 24 hours, RPS had… »3/04/11 10:50am3/04/11 10:50am