Two Quotes That Help Warren Spector Assess Where He's At Right Now

Legendary game designer Warren Spector was talking at the DICE convention in Las Vegas today, but didn't want to talk about his departure from Disney and the shuttering of his studio. He wanted to talk about the "graying of gaming" or at least about his journey though gaming. But the elephant is in the room, he said. » 2/07/13 2:51pm 2/07/13 2:51pm

To Show Off Epic Mickey 2, Warren Spector Brought His Rare Disney Collectibles to E3

It's impossible to miss the huge amount of Disney love that Warren Spector brings to bear on the Epic Mickey games. The celebrated game designer has been talking about how much he cherishes the world Walt Disney engineered ever since the run-up to the first Epic Mickey game. But this year he did more than talk. » 6/05/12 9:30pm 6/05/12 9:30pm

Here’s How Epic Mickey 2 Will Look on the Xbox 360

Part of what you'll see in this latest teaser for Epic Mickey 2 is how the game looks on the Xbox 360. Warren Spector and the other developers from Junction Point talk up the visual upgrade that comes with moving to the PS3and Xbox 360 after having the first Epic Mickey come out only on the Wii. And that sure does… » 5/16/12 1:00pm 5/16/12 1:00pm