An Endless Runner Without All The Crap

Years of iteration and mainstream popularity have taken their toll on the endless runner genre, rendering it tired and worn despite its young age. Endless snowboarder Alto's Adventure defies that notion, stripping away layers of gaudy mobile paint to rediscover the genre's elegant core. » 2/23/15 5:05pm 2/23/15 5:05pm

The moment someone utters the term "endless runner," my eyes begin to glaze over. And yet, as I watched the utterly gorgeous trailer for Alto's Adventure, a snowy adventure through the mountains, I began to consider an exception. Alto's Adventure comes out next week on iOS. » 2/12/15 11:30am 2/12/15 11:30am

Endless Runner Nabs Gamer Over $3,000 In Prize Money

Endless runners are simple games. The genre, popularized by titles such as Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride, has players running endlessly and grabbing coins. Well, for one young man in China's Macao, the endless run's earned him a paycheck of over $3,000. » 10/23/14 5:00am 10/23/14 5:00am

Finally an Original Mobile Game That Plays to Sonic the Hedgehog's…

When Sega's Hardlight Studio released Sonic Jump last year, I shook my head. Jumping is not the ability Sonic the Hedgehog is known for. This week Hardlight has released endless runner Sonic Dash on iOS. That's more like it. » 3/07/13 12:00pm 3/07/13 12:00pm

Don't Ever Leave Me Again, Mini Ninjas

I contend that one of Square Enix's finest acquisitions in 2009's take-over of Eidos Interactive was the six miniature trained killers of 2009's action-adventure, Mini Ninjas. Soon they will be an animated series, but for now they're an endless runner, and I've missed them so much. » 3/06/13 11:30am 3/06/13 11:30am

Return To The Crazy World Of Monday Night Combat With Outland Games

In Monday Night Combat's future, people watch corporation-sponsored clones kill each other for fun. So it's probably no surprise that in this world, those same clones are volunteered for the highly dangerous "televised combat running." Anything in the name of entertaining the masses. » 3/05/13 1:45pm 3/05/13 1:45pm