Remember, People Outside Japan May One Day Make A Final Fantasy Game

One of the saddest game cancellations of the last few years has got to be Grin's Fortress, an ambitious Final Fantasy title that would have been the first major game in the franchise to be developed outside Japan. Those interested to see what a Western take on the series might look like, though, still have hope. » 10/29/13 1:30am 10/29/13 1:30am

Square Enix Gets Into Crowd-Funded Gaming, With a Tantalizing Twist

Square Enix, international conglomerate behind everything from Final Fantasy to Tomb Raider would like to help your best game ideas get some crowd-funding. Oh, and they might let your game star some of their characters. Whoa. Slow down there. Eidos characters. You ain't going to be remaking Final Fantasy VII. » 10/08/13 1:00pm 10/08/13 1:00pm

Seems Like Thief Really Is In Serious Trouble

We'd been hearing rumors that the new Thief was in trouble, which made for a worrisome combination with the findings of our columnist/sleuth Superannuation, who last June dug up a distressing amount of turnover at the game's developer Eidos Montreal. A new report at Polygon backs up those earlier concerns, describing… » 4/26/13 4:00pm 4/26/13 4:00pm