So, Just How Many Games Come Out At Christmas Time?

It's a common complaint from gamers: there are just too damn many games coming out between October and December to give time to them all. But just how many games are there at Christmas? » 5/28/09 5:00am 5/28/09 5:00am

So, How Many 360 Games Are Any Good?

Picture the scene: your mum walks into GameStop. She walks to the Xbox 360 section, and picks out a game for your birthday. At random. What are the odds she picks a good one? » 3/18/09 1:30am 3/18/09 1:30am

Report: Game Industry Spent $823M Shilling Games In '08

The video game industry racked up impressive sales in 2008, pulling in more than $21 billion in sales in the United States alone. That make for a similarly impressive marketing tab. » 2/10/09 7:40pm 2/10/09 7:40pm

Guitar Hero Peaking Says Analyst

An analyst for Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) says that new sales figures show that the Guitar Hero franchise may have reached its peak. » 12/08/08 6:20pm 12/08/08 6:20pm

Only 20% Of Games Make A Profit - EEDAR

Uh, oops. Over the weekend, Forbes ran an article citing data obtained from Electronic Entertainment Design and Research » 11/24/08 10:20pm 11/24/08 10:20pm (EEDAR). Forbes' article said that, according to EEDAR, only 4% of games ever make a profit. Wha? 4%? Sounded silly. Seems it silly. Forbes mis-quoted EEDAR's data, which actually says that only 4%…

Only 4% Of Games Make A Profit - EEDAR

So many games, so little time. But do you ever wonder what happens to the also-rans? The non-AAA titles and the ones that don't have the huge marketing budgets behind them? Or even those that do, but just.. don't work? The answer, according to market analysts EEDAR » 11/21/08 4:30pm 11/21/08 4:30pm, is not very much. EEDAR offer a service to games…