Edge of Twilight: Athyr Above is Trying Really Hard to Be a Good Game

The resurrection of Fuzzyeyes Entertainment's steampunk saga Edge of Twilight gains steam (sorry) in Athyr Above, the second playable foray into the split day-and-night world that once seemed lost. The first game, a bad free Temple Run knock-off, left me with the impression that maybe the franchise should have stayed… »4/02/13 11:30am4/02/13 11:30am


Revitalized Steampunk Saga Edge of Twilight Starts on iOS

I've been following the development of Fuzzyeyes Planescape-esque steampunk adventure Edge of Twilight since 2007's first teasing glimpse of a world that seemed torn from the pages of one Dungeons & Dragons' most underrated settings. In 2009 there were rumors that the entire project had been scrapped, and development… »2/26/13 11:05am2/26/13 11:05am